The key to delivering cloud security is to understand the diverse cloud User environment

Are you confident you understand Cloud Security?

With concepts ranging from CASB (Cloud Access Security Brokering) to External Vulnerability Scanning and Cloud-based Application development access and control, there is a whole new approach required to security. Packet Technologies has solutions which enable organisations to embrace mobile technology, social media and cloud-based services without compromising security.

  • CASB. Cloud Access Security Broker is the solution to address an issue most clients have ignored. What are my staff doing with all my data in the cloud? Or as it’s more commonly termed Cloud Access Security Broker.
  • Cloud Authentication. Now your staff are accessing your data and applications directly from the cloud, how are they authenticating?
  • Cloud Security Service provides multi-layered web security for today’s distributed, cloud-based organizations without on premise hardware, software and maintenance costs.
  • Managed Cloud Encryption Gateway provides a layer of military grade encryption between you, your applications and your cloud storage provider.
  • Board Management Software. Data443's ARALOC™ Board is the leading board governance system for today’s secure and mobile-centric enterprise.